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I'm sorry.

to my parents:I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment. I'm sorry I can't make good enough grades. I'm sorry I can't live up to your expectations.
to my friends:I'm sorry I can't keep a long term friendship with any of you. I'm sorry we lose connection after a while. I'm sorry I never stayed.
to the people at my school:I'm so sorry I'm weird. I'm sorry I don't fit in. I'm sorry I don't look pretty like all you.
to myself:I'm sorry I hurt you. I'm sorry if I put you down. I'm sorry I made you miserable.
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i want to smoke, drink, cut, jump off a roof top. i just want everything in my head to stop. i want it all to be over. i just cant fucking do it. im not strong. i am so weak. im a terrible person and anyone who says otherwise is lying through their fucking teeth. 

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be strong everyone and be proud of yourselves <33


be strong everyone and be proud of yourselves <33

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If you have ever taken a razor blade to that beautiful body of yours, skipped one or more meals, cried yourself to sleep because you never thought you were good enough, attempted any sort of self harm, had thoughts of taking your own life, or actually tried it, HONESTLY reblog this.

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My New Years resolution.. Is to not let my life be controlled by the number on the scale, and the blade in my hands. I don’t deserve to be happy. But it’s what I want.

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